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In 1998, Marc’s Kuntaw Martial Arts was formed to propagate Kuntaw and other martial arts styles of GM Marc De Leon such as Sikaran, Kawala, Tagaan Arnis, and Buno. It is a registered business entity with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is the first-ever official Kuntaw School in Canada, which met both the instructional standards set by the IKF/KNP Headquarter and business and legal requirements of the Provincial Government of Ontario for business operation. With the forming of Marc’s Kuntaw Martial Arts, GM Marc was immediately appointed by GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., 10th Degree, Red Belt, founder and GGM of IKF/KNP, as the official and first-ever Kuntaw Director of Canada.

Kuntaw Canada is formed to act as a regulatory and governing body of Kuntaw propagation in Canada. It is a registered business entity with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services in the province of Ontario, Canada. It also possesses an export-import license for martial arts supplies, equipment, and other related paraphernalia. Kuntaw Canada is the national headquarter of International Kuntaw Federation/Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas (IKF/KNP) in Canada, and issues official IKF/KNP certificates and ID’S duly signed and issued by GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr., founder and GGM of IKF/KNP.

GM Marc founded combat Sikaran of Canada to officially carry Sikaran martial arts style alongside with Kuntaw and other styles that he teaches. Combat Sikaran is recognized and certified by Sikaran Master Meliton Geronino, 10th Degree, Red Belt, the only Sikaran founder and GM who is duly recognized by the world martial arts community and with an authentic founding history of Sikaran in the Philippines and its international body, the World Sikaran Brotherhood of the Philippines (WSBP). Combat Sikaran of Canada issues official Sikaran certificates and ID’s duly controlled, signed, and issued by Master Geronimo.

GM Marc founded and teaches the following arts, which he developed.


Basically, full body exercise, which includes stretching, cardio and muscle building/toning, and power-strikes and blocks both for arms and legs, are fitness regimens. It is always a part of our training.As an additional program, Kuntaw Canada offers fitness-dance program. This program is not for a competitive dance learning, but rather a fitness-for-fun learning. The program offering is currently in the development phase, which when completed, will be in the “Program and Training Schedules” section.

Have we presented ourselves well?

This is who we are; these are the products, services, and self-defense styles that we carry; these are what we offer; these are what you will get, under one roof. And, most importantly, all these products and services are offered to you at a very reasonable fee and prices. Learning self-defense that can save your life does not have to be costly; getting fit must not be boring, but rather enjoyable; investing to your health and wellness must produce tangible results worthy of your money, effort, and time.

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